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The James Winters Family, Irene Foster Dintelman, June 1991 – James Winters, 1819-1868, his wives, Mary Ann Thompson and Edmonia Frances Finch and their descendants, including surnames: Winters, Thompson, Finch, Tullis, Anderson, Raper, Beckum, Hightower, Hathaway, Crandall, Foster, Smith, Cox, and Snyder and numerous others. Mary Jane White
Biographies of Cass, Schuyler and Brown Counties, 1892 Donna Smith
A Memorial History and Genealogical Record of The John Howell and Jacob Stutzman Families and A Complete Record of The Lineal Descendants and Those Related To Them by Intermarriage From the Year 1697 to 1922; compiled by Jonathan S. Howell, Rushville, IL. Need
The Descendants of Bartlett Haley Ingles and Margaret Allison of Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Illinois, with Data on Their Direct Ancestors And On The Collateral Lines of — Bovan, Boone, DeHart, Halsy, Harmer, Richardson by Virginia Ingles Maes, Rushville, IL Need
A History and Genealogy of the Logsdon-Kelly Families — H. C. Logsdon, 1965.
A Historical Sketch and A Genealogical Record of the Endless Line of the Logsdon and Kelly Families
Welch’s Logsdon manuscript
Various issues of Logsdon Connections
Logsdon correspondence spanning the last 50 years

Bainbridge Township Cemeteries – w/photos & will email copies.

Pat Self
Birmingham Township Cemeteries Sherry Morell Shelts
Birmingham Township Cemeteries LouAnn Cameron
Brooklyn Township Cemeteries Sherry Morell Shelts
Browning Township Cemeteries – w/photos & will email copies. Pat Self
Browning Township Cemeteries Cindy Foster
Browning Township Cemeteries LouAnn Cameron
Buena Vista Township
Moore Cemetery
Donna Smith
Camden Township Cemeteries Sherry Morell Shelts
Camden Township Cemeteries LouAnn Cameron
Hickory Township Cemeteries – w/photos & will email copies. Pat Self
Huntsville Township Cemeteries Sherry Morell Shelts
Huntsville Township Cemeteries LouAnn Cameron
Littleton Township Cemeteries Cindy Foster
Littleton Township Cemeteries LouAnn Cameron
Rushville Township Cemeteries Donna Smith
Rushville City Cemetery, Volume I, 1900 – 1925
Rushville City Cemetery, Volume II, 1925 – 1950
LouAnn Cameron
Woodstock Township Cemeteries LouAnn Cameron
1850 – 1880 Mortality Schedules Donna Smith
1880 Census Schuyler Co, IL Sandi Koscak
History of Schuyler County, Brinks, 1882 Donna Smith
History of Schuyler & Brown counties 1686-1882 – Please submit given and a surname, not “everything on the Jones family.” LouAnn Cameron
Schuyler County, Illinois History 1983, 1985 Dann Norton
Schuyler County History, Volumes I & II Donna Smith
1918 Prairie Farmer’s Directory of Brown and Schuyler Counties Illinois Donna Smith
Wills and Estates – Order Book A
Jan 1850 – August 1868 – Schuyler County View Surname Index
Sandi Koscak
Wills & Estates of Schuyler County – Jan 1850 – Aug. 1868 Dann Norton
Wills, Administration Letters, & Guardian Bonds 1827 -1849 Dann Norton
Wills & Estates: Order Book A (1868-1887) Dann Norton
Wills & Estates: Order Book B (1866-1879) Dann Norton
Index Adminstrations Bonds Book A (1857-1872) Dann Norton
Index Adminstration Bonds Book B (1871-1879) Dann Norton


Atlas Map of Schuyler County Illinois 1872 Dann Norton