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DanaHenson  Sat Jan 24 15:08:42 1998
Looking for a George orThomas Whitson family that lived in Schuler Co. in the mid to later 1880’s.Children were George, Carrie, Susan, William( or Lewis) Frederick, Cliffordand ?

JeannieVan Lew  Mon Jan 26 10:43:50 1998
Looking for Michael ROYER(7 Nov 1803-20 Dec 1886) who married Polly Mary SPANGLER (8 May 1813-29Jan 1889) and had the following children: Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Susanna,Sophia, William, Malinda, Daniel, Lovina, Levi, Thomas and John J. whomarried first Malinda; children: Lona A., Maria, Rosie, John E. then marriedsecond: Rhoda A. DAVIS; children: Melinda, Nellie Jane, Clara, James William,Perry Clinton and Fred A.

PatWhite  Fri Jan 30 08:35:44 1998
CARR, Absalom, b. ca. 1805in TN, was in Schuyler Co. in 1830 census. His wife was Sarah ______, in SC. Issue: Elizabeth (b. ca. 1825) md. Augustus M. Dearien;Robert; Angeline; Elvina; Larkin; James. They moved to Izard Co., AR, about1851. Do you know the county of Absalom’s birth in TN? Do you know thesurname of his wife Sarah? 

PatSmith  Sun Feb 1 13:24:09 1998
I am looking for info onthe parents of William Perry KENNEDY. He was born in Schuyler Co. in 1868.His parents were William H. KENNEDY and Sarah KENNEDY (maiden name). Iwould appreciate anything at all on them. 

SusanVan Kirk Beyer Wed Feb 4 19:09:31 1998
TOLAND/CASTER: Seeking informationon James B. (b. 1849) TOLAND and his wives, Martha (b. 1850) and Lewella(b. 1867) CASTER. James had a brother named Newton. They may have beensons of Isaac TOLAND. Martha lived in Oakland in 1870 and her father mayhave been Lewis CASTER. James married Lewella following the deaths of theirfirst spouses. Thanks! 

RDouglas Kreis Sun Feb 8 19:00:59 1998
Seeking descendants of theUNDERHILL, and USHER families who immigrated from Zanesville, MuskingumCounty, Ohio in the 1850’s. My Great Grandfather William Duncan ARTER,was visiting his relatives in Shuyler Ct, the UNDERHILL’S, when the CivilWar broke out and he joined the 12 Illinois Calvary from there. Any infoappreciated.

MegGentry Bookout  Wed Feb 18 13:26:39 1998
HOLLINGSWORTH, RENO- AbrahamHollingsworth died in Schuyler CO in Dec. 1837. His son, Avenant, marriedMary RENO. His daughter, Elizabeth (Betsey), married Joseph RENO. I haveJoseph’s parents, and I am assuming that Mary is his sister, but haven’tproved it YET. Anyone else researching the Hollingsworth or Reno familyin Schuyler County in the early to mid 1800’s?

GeorgeTue, 07 Apr 1998 12:15:23 -0500
I am searching for an ancestornamed William ROBERTSON. ROBERTSON married Elizabeth Kirkland in 1831 inSchuyler County. He is buried in the Old Ridgeville Cemetary. Do you haveany information on ROBERTSON? I am also looking for his father Daniel ROBERTSON.Thanks, George. 

PatMurray Tue, 7 Apr 1998 14:13:22
Wish to contact desendantsof Jesse Kinman who married Rebecca Buzbee 2 Aug 1840 Schuyler Co. Living1850 MO Twp. Brown Co. Carpenter’s and Buzbee’s also married. 

PatSmith Sun, 10 May 1998 09:23:46 PDT
I am looking for anyoneresearching these names in Schuyler Co. Sherwood KENNEDAY came to Schuylerfrom Davidson Co. NC abt. 1835. He came on a large wagon train with Wardsand Hedgecocks among others. His wife Alis Elizabeth Conner and children,PHoebe, Elizabeth, William Rececca, Cynthia came with him. I think theirwere two brothers Thomas and John there also. Sherwood lived in BirminghamTwp. until his death in 1856. Many of this family are buried in Scott Cemeteryin McDonough Co. I would appreciate any help getting all this family straight. 

JamesL. Lowary Wed, 27 May 1998 08:07:42
I am looking for info onLu Ellen, Lula Belle, Lella Esteline STONEKING, and her family. She firstmarried a William COURTNEY, Born: 1868 (in Missouri), Died: 1912, She wasBorn 1 Sep 1878 in Birmingham, IL., Died: 18 Nov 1943, In 1910 census theylived in Alanta, MO.
They had the following Childeren:….Born:

Robert Ernest COURTNEY 10 Jun 1899 
Cecil Earl COURTNEY 9 Sep 1901 
Minnie COURTNEY 4 Mar 1904 
Millie COURTNEY 1908 
Rose Etta COURTNEY?  26 Jan 1912 
Dorothey Lorraine COURTNEY? 14 Feb 1914 

My grand father (Robert ErnestCOURTNEY) was born in Elmer, MO. After William died she remarried a JohnMason. The last child or two in the family may have been his.

If this rings any bells Iwould like to know, as I am drawing a blank on this side of the familyline. Thanks for your time. 

JaneiceCrossonSun, 21 Jun 1998 08:56:46
Looking for GRIFFITH, JohnBenjamin who was born in Ohio but moved soon to Brooklyn Twp, SchuylerCo, Ill, abt 1830. He married EMALINE HUFF there and most of their childrenwere born there, including my g grandfather, JOHN HENRY GRIFFITH. Anotherof his sons was WILLIAM GRIFFITH. Both moved to Linn Co, Kansas when JohnBenjamin Griffith did. 

JaneiceCrossonSun, 21 Jun 1998 08:56:46
Looking for the parentsof EMALINE HUFF who was born in Quincy, Ill abt 1834/35. 

JoRayMon, 22 Jun 1998 10:49:14
Any info on John BAXTERb. 1816 in OH m. Elloner MOORE b. 1816 in Ireland, moved to Schuyler Co.abt 1850. Had several children when they came and had more in Schuyler.Several children and maybe the parents moved to Brown Co. KS sometime afterthe Civil War. Can’t seam to locate what happened to John and Elloner. 

paduncWed,24 Jun 1998 06:17:33
I’m looking for any livingdescendants of my ggrandfather Joseph Estes who died and is buried in Schuylercounty. I believe he died in the 1950’s at the age of 103 for a placementin time. He was married to Elizabeth Carter and had 7 children, Fred mygrandfather, Albert, Golda, Arthur, Benny, James and Carry. I need to fillin some gaps because this is all I have. 

CharleenRhoades Thu, 25 Jun 1998 00:28:56 EDT
Peter Rhoades married MargaretEllen Wright. They had 8 children, the first 5 of whom were born in SchuylerCounty.

  • John William – 01/12/1864
  • Lovenia Elberta – 04/15/1867
  • Laura Belle – 09/23/1869
  • Charles Franklin – 07/31/1871
  • Ira Melvin – 09/15/????
  • Don’t know Peter’s locationof birth, date of birth, location of marriage, date of marriage, or locationat time of death. Believe to have died @ Jan, 1916. Any information wouldbe greatly appreciated. Thank you 

    RettaM. Lindner Wed, 24 Jun 1998 12:35:16 EDT
    Need information on CorneliusCULP, living in Rushville 1858 when his father Tillman Culp died in SciotaCounty, OH.
    Thank you, I am, Sincerely,Retta Lindner, P O Box 806, Carl Junction, Missouri 64834 417 649 6556 

    DMarTaylorWed, 1 Jul 1998 20:31:24
    Looking for informationon my gggg-grandmother, Catherine (Vandermark) TEEL (b. Aug 29, 1775) andher children who moved from Beaver County, PA to Schuyler County, IL sometimearound 1837. Catherine moved to Illinois with her son Frederick Teel (b.Aug 5 1798) and daughters, Elizabeth Teel STARR (b.Jan 25, 1800), MaryAnn Teel NELSON (b. May 24, 1806), Catherine Teel WAID (b. May 21, 1813),and Eleanor Teel WATERS (b. 1815) after her husband John’s death in Pennsylvania.I’ve lost track of her and her children, but have been told she died inRushville and may be buried in Messerer Cemetery. Can anyone help me findCatherine or tell me about any of her children? 

    CarlW. Ward Thu, 09 Jul 1998 22:55:01
    I was informed that therewere many many WARDs living in Schuyler County, Illinois in the early tolate 1800’s and that several of those WARD families came from New Yorkand many of these and/or their descendants went on to Adams County, Illinoisand or to Missouri. These specific facts are important to me because myCharles WARD was born in Allegany County, New York in 1805. He is firstfound in civil records in 1835 in Adams County, Illinois and then in the1860’s migrated to Knox County, Missouri. I’d like to hear from anyoneresearching any of the WARD families in Schuyler County that fit this description.I’d be glad to share with you the information I have on this Charles WARDfamily. Thanks. 

    DeWayneThomas Thu, 16 Jul 1998 17:23:55
    I am looking for informationon the Bartlett H. Ingles family and am trying to locate a source for thebook, “Descendents of Bartlett Haley Ingles and Mary Allison” by VirginiaIngles Maes. Any assistance is appreciated. 

    RitaStacy Francomano Fri, 17 Jul 1998 10:09:04
    I am searching for the ancestorsof George Washington STEWART born in the Rushville area around 1855 anddied in Rushville on Feb. 24, 1903. He married Maria BODKIN and the farmedsomewhere near Rushville. She was born on Aug. 14, 1855 and died in Rushvilleon Feb. 12, 1946. I have a complete list of descendants up to 1981 andwould like information on their ancestors. 

    Patand Don Duncan Tue, 07 Jul 1998 19:54:30
    Darius Runkle appears inthe history of Littleton, Schuyler county,IL. He is the father of my greatgrandmother Clara Runkle Duncan w/o Frank Duncan. I’m not sure, but I beleivethat Anna Marie Walker was the w/o Darius. Is there anyone that can giveme some family details? 

    VesBox Sun, 19 Jul 1998 22:34:21
    Searching for descendantsof JOHN BOX (1812-1900) and his wife Elizabeth WILLIAMS. John Box was livingin Schuyler Co. by 1834 and lived there until his death near Rushvillein 1900. His daughters married into McHALEY, INGRAM, BLACK, and SPRINGERfamilies. Any information on BOX families in Schuyler Co. would be welcomed.Ves BOX 

    PennyYoung Sun, 19 Jul 1998 21:50:49
    I am looking for informationon Joseph S. Elser and George P.Elser who served with Company G, 73rd infantrySchuyler County, Doddsville, Illinois.
    I believe Joseph S. Elserwas my great grandfather. My grandfather, Harry Clifford was born in VtJune 4, 1900, but his father is listed on his marriage license as JosephElser, born: Illinois, farmer.
    I have no birth dates, butI know Joseph was single, George married when they went into Civil Warin 1861 or 1862.
    Any info you might haveon either of these men would be of great help.

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